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General Information

Consulting a Solicitor

Normally it is advisable to consult a solicitor to relieve you of worry and to take control of wills, problems of intestacy, debts, grants and letters of administration. If a will was made, it is important that the contents be known as soon as possible after death as it may contain instructions for the funeral arrangements. A will may be with personal papers, a bank or solicitor for safekeeping. If the deceased has consulted a solicitor in the recent past it is important you contact them without delay.

Ministers of Religion and Celebrants

I will contact your choice of Celebrant or Minister of Religion. If you wish they will help and give support during and after your bereavement.

Floral Tributes

The gentle beauty of flowers expresses your personal remembrance and brings comfort. On your behalf, at a florist of your choice, I can order floral tributes, which are then delivered to me.

Paper Notices

We help compose and submit obituaries and acknowledgements to the press. If you wish to personally submit paper notices a death certificate is required.

Personalized Hymn Sheets

We can show you many styles of Hymn Sheets when we meet, we can then set out and print them for you.


You may wish to go to a restaurant or Public House for refreshments after the service. Others prefer to have a funeral tea in a village or church hall. In this case you can have your choice of outside caterer. We can arrange what you choose.

Donations to charity

We collect donations, if wished in lieu of flowers, record all donators and give a list to you. The money is then forwarded to a charity of your choice that will acknowledge receipt to the next of kin.

Cremated Remains

At the time of making funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to realize the emotional benefit that is gained after the funeral by having somewhere to go, a place that you and your family can go back to, knowing that your loved one is there. You can have a plaque in the garden of remembrance but the cremated remains are often buried elsewhere in the grounds. Small plots can be purchased at cemeteries and crematoria. These 'cremated remains' graves can be visited by your family allowing you to pay your last respects and mark the grave with a memorial. Their are also options of memorial benches and tree planting.


Council graves and memorial rights are bought on a lease basis (E.g. Bradford 100 years) and you have to prove ownership of the grave before burial. The grave deed is not always proof of ownership, but help with declarations to overcome this is offered. Some private cemeteries (E.g. Slack Lane £400 a plot in 2014) are not leased and open to anyone for purchase.


Existing headstones may have to be removed from the grave prior to the burial for safety (We see to that too). When the funeral has taken place it can take six months before the ground is firm enough to replace the headstone or fix a new one. The monumental mason removes the memorial back to their yard for safekeeping where they restore it and can add further inscriptions. You need a permit (signed by a living owner) in council cemeteries for new inscriptions and memorials. I can give you a quote and supply brochures. If comparing prices, make sure the lettering, polishing, fixing, VAT and cost of memorial right permit have all been included.

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